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Dependable Tax Services

At Advanced Tax Solutions, LLC, we offer a range of tax and accounting services for small-to-medium size businesses as well as individuals. Working with new startups as well as established businesses, we are happy to serve all our clients — including individuals who have rental property, side businesses, or other more complex tax preparation needs. Using virtual and cloud-based solutions, we're the team to call to help you manage your accounting and tax needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our tax services in South Florida. We have extensive experience with some of the most important industries in the area, including:

  • Retail
  • Aviation
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Marine
  • Real Estate
  • Construction

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Income Tax Preparation for Businesses

  • C-Corp 1120 Tax Returns
  • S-Corp 1120S Tax Returns
  • Partnerships 1065 Tax Returns
  • Non-Profit 990 Returns
  • Limited Liability Company Returns

Income Tax Preparation for Individuals

  • 1040 Preparation
  • Schedule C
  • Filing Status Comparisons
  • Estimate Calculations
  • Capital Gain Calculations

IRS Representation

Have you received confusing notices from the IRS or the state but don't understand what they mean? Have you been selected for audit but don't know how you are going to pay what they say you owe? We can represent you and your company before the IRS. We can help you understand what the IRS wants and fight for your right to pay only what you truly owe.

Tax Planning

Whether you need help correctly structuring your company to minimize taxes or you're ready to file the proper Florida state paperwork and get your company started, Advanced Tax Solutions, LLC has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to get the job done right. We can also help you get your EIN from the IRS and file all the appropriate paperwork with the IRS. We are also determined to help you identify all of the deductions and credits you deserve so that you pay the least amount of tax.

State Tax Planning

Federal taxes aren't the only issue. If you are thinking of opening offices in a different state, or you currently have filings in multiple states; we can help. If you have recently moved to Florida, or live here part of the year. We have the expertise it takes to file in all states and keep up with the ever-changing state tax laws.


We are happy to also offer payroll tax services as part of your company's overall accounting services.   We are partnered with ADP for this process.

International Tax Services and Planning

We help foreign nationals comply with complex US tax laws. Are you a non-resident selling property in the US? If so, you will be subject to FIRPTA withholding. Our services include:

  • Closing Document Preparation
  • Certification of passports to obtain an ITIN
  • FIRPTA Withholding
  • ITIN Application

FIRPTA Withholding

The sale of US real property by a foreign person is subject to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA) income tax withholding.

When a non-resident person sells property in the US, the IRS can subject the seller up to a 15% withholding tax. We can help the international seller either reduce the cost or receive a refund of money withheld.

Regardless of the money actually owed, the IRS charges a flat rate— however, using our service, our clients may be able to lower or eliminate this withholding tax. Clients must contact us before the closing to achieve the best results.

ITIN Application Process

If you are a non-resident and have a filing requirement in the US, you must apply for an ITIN (International Tax Identification Number).  For example, this may occur if you are a non-resident but work in the United States, have a non-resident spouse, are a foreign individual but married to a US citizen, are a nonresident student, professor, or researcher, or are a non-resident seller of US real property.

We are Certified Acceptable Agents and can help facilitate the application process.  You will no longer have to go to an embassy for a copy or send your passport in the mail to the IRS to apply. We can certify your passport in our office or even work with you virtually to get the certification done.  

Person In Front of a ComputerAccounting/Bookkeeping

Tax time isn't the only time you need a CPA. At Advanced Tax Solutions, we can be your one-stop shop to manage your company's accounting and bookkeeping. We offer services ranging from a review of your monthly entries to full-service bookkeeping. Advanced Tax Solutions, LLC is partnered with complete business group to offer the best pricing on QuickBook products to our clients. Please ask us how QuickBooks can help your business.