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"Doreen has helped me apply for an ITIN.  She is very helpful and guided me through the process.  She is an IRS authorized agent, friendly and professional.  I am Canadian and its nice to know there is someone like Doreen that can be trusted and assist with my US transactions.  I highly recommend Doreen, she's knowledgeable, trustworthly and reliable."

—Flor Bagnol, Senior Mutual Fund Administrator at RBC

"My husband and I were in need of ITIN numbers and were unable to get to a designated IRS Tax Assistance Center. I reached out to Doreen, and as a Certified Acceptance Agent, she was able to assist us with our application the next day. Doreen is professional and her assistance was greatly appreciated."
— Kerri Pelland, CFO Pelland Zimark Music Financial Services

"I highly recommend Doreen and her team for tax preparation. They did an amazing job and were able to provide solid guidance on new 2018 tax laws. They provided useful suggestions for the future and completed the tax preparation process quickly."
— Sarah Dion VP of Marketing DermTech